School Council gets things done!

St Edward’s Prep School Council


Now in its second term the St Edward’s Prep School Council has made some terrific contributions to school life this term. Every week elected pupils from Years 2 – 6 meet with Mr Suttie to discuss all things school. From menus to equipment, ideas are bounced around the room and voted on. Once ideas have been run past the Senior Leadership Team they may be approved or reach further discussion.

This term has seen the following be implemented by the school council:

  • Helping FREDs with the playground design
  • Changed rota for dining hall seating
  • A move from plastic cups to reusable cups
  • Re-introduction of birthday cakes (provided they are gluten and nut free)
  • More choice in vegetarian and vegetable options at meal & snack times
  • Hot puddings more regularly in winter
  • Battery recycling, battery collection once a week
  • A film club has been added to the after school club offering
  • Monday is a recycling day
  • Each class will plant a tree in the Spring term
  • A sign to remind pupils to walk not run down the slope
  • School Christmas cards to families to be digital

What’s next?

  • Portion sizes for pupils to request small, medium or large portions to reduce food wastage
  • More bins for the playground, to help encourage recycling – Coming January 2020
  • The use of cling film to be stopped or significantly reduced

St Edward’s Prep School Council has been incredibly effective and achieved huge goals this term. As a community we would like to thank them for their wonderful efforts. Applications are now open for pupils to apply for the next term’s school council which we are sure will continue on the fantastic work already started.