Working up a STEAM in the woods

It was fantastic to get outside and complete some great STEAM learning out in a beautiful, bluebell carpeted Pangbourne woods.

The purpose of the day was to link the engineering process with our curriculum values and to help the boys understand how to apply these skills from one discipline to another. The boys took part in a myriad of activities. We had pupils designing and building shelters, making traps to catch animals, learning how to make a compass to find their way out of the forest, testing and evaluating friction fire lighting techniques, creating communication devices, creating woodland art from natural resources, building bridges, catching and classifying mini beasts and building a bug hotel!

What fun and what a way to teach the pupils about the importance of STEAM. It is our mission at St Edward’s to prepare our pupils for the future, a future in which STEAM jobs will be at an all-time high. From what we saw on Monday, the future is bright for our boys.

Mr Parsons.