Rosemary Daley-Franks

Year 2 form teacher Rosemary Daley-Franks cannot hide her huge personality; her classroom is full of creativity and the lively displays that evidence the interesting and exciting work going on.

In fact, the instruction for Year 2’s Edward Lear lesson is ‘Get creative and colourful’. The children remember that Edward Lear was 20th child in a family of 21. He was an illustrator, a neologist (he made up his own words) and a poet. The boys share ideas, and all are given airtime and received with enthusiasm. With Rosemary’s guidance, these ideas are developed and tweaked until their very own limericks are completed. Here are a couple of outcomes:

There was a cheerful man,
Who found an empty can.
He found a hive
And went for a dive,
That silly, cheerful man!

There was a magical boy,
Who turned a squirrel into a toy,
Then climbed a tree
And got smelly,
That silly magical boy!

Rosemary has lots of the kind of experience that helps in the challenge of teaching boys. Her mother was a teacher and her father an RAF officer; She is a holder of the Queen’s Guide Award, which is a challenging programme of excursions, outdoor adventures and community action; She loves travelling, especially where there is a beach and heat! And then there are the years of experience as a teacher.

Rosemary’s policy is to keep boys engaged in their learning by changing the activity, getting them involved, finding subjects that interest them and making these interactive and fun. She has a work-hard, play-hard approach to life and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. There is no doubt that relationships are key to her success and it is joyous to watch the boys relate and respond to her. She says it is vital to keep laughing at the same jokes the boys keep telling her. You can be pretty sure that she tells a fair few herself!

Rosemary loves her dog Alfie and still holds huge affection for all of his Labrador predecessors. They have clearly played a vital part in her life. Rosemary is also Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers having previously worked in Corporate Banking before going into teaching.