Bletchley Park Trip

250,000 messages were intercepted and passed to Bletchley Park in 6 months of World War 2. The number of email messages sent in an average hour in 2016 world wide was 10,000,000,000.

Even though we did sign the Official Secrets Act, we really cannot keep our fabulous trip to Bletchley Park a secret!  Once, the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers, it is now an incredible historical record of the amazing and vital work that occurred there during WW2.  We were, most definitely, a captive audience and enthralled by what we heard and saw.  We tried our hand at Morse Code and were quite successful at breaking codes.  We learnt that it was Hut 8, led by Alan Turing that made the breakthrough on the Dolphin Enigma key used by the German U-Boats attacking the British Trans-Atlantic convoys.  Throughout the Battle of the Atlantic, Bletchley Park codebreakers and, in particular, Hut 8, helped the Admiralty to track the U-Boat wolf packs which reduced the German Navy’s ability to sink the merchant navy ships bringing vital supplies to Britain from America.  Thank goodness, otherwise we may have all been very, very hungry! It was a fabulous opportunity to visit this heritage site, and an incredible privilege to come to know and admire the uniquely important story of these Codebreakers during the Second World War and the importance of Bletchley Park.  It is no wonder we just couldn’t keep this visit a secret and well-worth visiting again.

Mrs Andrew