How do buildings evolve from initial drawings to magnificent structures?

On Friday, 2nd November, Chris Penford from Chapman Taylor Architects delivered a presentation to Year 1 and 2 about the design process. The children came to appreciate how buildings evolve from initial drawings to magnificent structures, with the help of highly skilled architects and builders.

The children were fascinated to learn that Chris has designed structures including Trinity shopping centre in Leeds, which took 8 years to complete! They heard how Chris had designed a very expensive glass roof that had to be built off site and lowered on to the structure using several cranes, but that this was worth the money and effort as the building has won several awards.

Chris’ other projects were ‘Ashford Designer Outlet’ with the Green walls for biodiversity, ‘Brussels Airport Connector’ with its huge open walkways and Eltham Cinema and restaurant complex.

Many thanks to Chris for giving up his time and inspiring a future generation of designers!