New Pre-Reception thriving

Spending just an hour with Mrs B and her Pre-Reception boys, it’s easy to feel the positive energy in the room.

Nine little boys show their curiosity and confidence to ask questions. They are encouraged to make their own discoveries and use their newly learned problem-solving skills. Already they are growing in confidence, building their independence and making excellent progress to their Early Learning Goals.

The nurturing, family environment of the classroom is evident in all the interactions; between the adults and the children, but also between the boys themselves. Whether it’s sharing pencils, pouring milk for each other, or making a helpful suggestion on building a tower that won’t fall down, these little chaps look out for each other. Of course there are lots of giggles when the tower falls down and they quickly grab the blocks to start again.

The boys love to play outside and with all the Pre-Prep equipment in the play area, there is so much to do. Paint, sand and water activities remain firm favourites, as well as building blocks and anything with wheels! With the warmer weather coming we are looking forward to spending much more time outside.