Reading Makes You Awesome!


The Awesome Book Awards, in its third year, is a prize that honours the best new fiction authors for young readers aged 7 to 10. Our boys have had a great time reading, discussing, debating and then finally voting for their favourite awesome book – ‘Brightstorm’ being our winning vote!

On Thursday we took off for Cranleigh School to enjoy the award ceremony and to champion our favourite read – what a glittering occasion it was! All the authors of this year’s Awesome Books were there, including Peter Bunzl, last year’s winner. Each, in turn, inspired the boys to keep reading and to write. It was fascinating to hear where their ideas come from and how they get ideas. I am in no doubt that there are a number of authors amongst our Awesome Book Boys. Congratulations to Tamsin Winter who was this year’s Awesome Book winner for her ‘sad, funny and heart-warming’, book ‘Being Miss Nobody’ – we all loved reading Rosalind’s story.

The boys were thrilled to meet Vashti Hardy, the author of ‘Brightstorm’. They have loved this ‘adventurous, pacey and imaginative’, story and were absolutely delighted to see and buy her second book ‘Wildspark’. Vashti will be coming to St Edward’s in September and the Awesome Book Boys can’t wait to introduce her to the rest of the school.

The aim of the Awesome Book Awards is to inspire reading and here, at St Edward’s, it certainly does that! Thank you to the Team Cranleigh for making this happen.

I’m hoping that our involvement in the Awesome Book Awards will continue to foster a great love of reading amongst our totally awesome boys!

Mrs Andrew