Oh! We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside……!!!!!!

Oh! We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside……!!!!!!

We certainly do! What a brilliant day to choose to go to Southsea… the weather was kind to us and we came back with a healthy glow on our cheeks!

Mr Hogg kindly drove us down to Southsea as we amused ourselves on the journey with games like Top Trumps and joke books. We arrived in great spirits!

A brisk walk along the Millennium Promenade brought us to our first stop…benches upon which to sit while enjoying a snack and marvelling at the many boats we saw, as well as Spithead Fort and the other four.  There were signs around us giving information as to the general history of Southsea, the monuments to lost sailors and the ships.

The beach combing went well and some marvellous shells and stones were found along with seaweed. Stone throwing into the sea was great fun and we practised the art of ‘skimming’ stones. I wasn’t very good at it!

We watched in amazement as the Hovercraft came into shore. You can see from the photographs how close we were! Great excitement as the air cushion inflated and deflated. We were covered with a fine spray of seawater!

We had a wonderful picnic on the beach before doing some more beach combing, watching various boats, finding out about red and green buoys and marvelling at the activity happening on the water. We were delighted to see that there was very little plastic in the sea as we have been studying the effects of pollution on sea creatures.

We spent our 2p pieces in the arcade and had some success winning key rings.

Then of course, as tradition dictates, we set off to buy an ice cream and ate them on the promenade.

Finally, after a day of extra O2 in our lungs, we had a rather quiet coach journey home! We behaved impeccably as always and our thanks are extended to Mr Hogg and Miss Booker who accompanied us on our great adventure!

Mrs Daley-Franks