Red Nose Day!

In a special assembly this morning, Mrs Swift introduced Red Nose Day and told us about how the money we raise can make a real difference to people here in the UK and abroad. We learnt about Hassan’s story, a boy in Sierra Leone whose mother died from Ebola. It was difficult for us to understand what he is going through but we were thrilled to hear that we have raised £183 (so far!) to help him and many others like him.

In the week leading up to the assembly the House Captains have been excitedly selling raffle tickets to the boys. During the assembly the boys eagerly awaited as six winning tickets were drawn and the lucky boys called to the front of the school. They won the opportunity to gunge one of the three (less lucky but wonderfully game) teachers! Winning ticket or not every boy loved watching the teachers get covered in beans and custard. Excitement reaching a climax as the two winning tickets to gunge Mr Morgan-Nash were drawn. Alex and Branson, both from Year 6, particularly relished covering him in gunge.

As a school we recognise the importance of social, moral and cultural awareness. We want to encourage and enable our boys to participate and volunteer to promote and help the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of those in need. Red Nose Day gave the boys the opportunity to have fun, raise money and show understanding and compassion to those in need and less fortunate.

The money we raised will help people living really tough lives in the UK and across Africa. For example, £2.50 could buy a mosquito net to protect a family in Africa. In the UK, £5 could pay for an isolated elderly person with dementia to have dinner at their local support group. On their behalf, thank you. We really appreciate your support for Red Nose Day.


At St Edward’s we will continue to support a range of charities, local, national and international throughout the school year