There’s a run to the bank! STED Bank!



This term Year 6 boys have launched an all new STED bank and shop at St Edward’s for Prep pupils.

STED is the new currency to help encourage pupils to earn house points: 1 house point is equivalent to 1 STED. As boys collect house points; they will be able to check their account balance and decide to cash in their house points and use these as STED money in the STED shop.

There will be many items that your son can buy at the STED bank, such as pencils, rulers, tennis balls, yo-yo’s, as well as donated toys and other items. Our aim is to encourage pupils to earn STEDs by demonstrating the St Edward’s school values.

Year 6 are enjoying their new roles as accountants, shop keepers, marketing and retailers. Jobs include valuing donations, labeling products, shifts in the shop and collecting house point totals each week. A valuable lesson in finance and retail!


Mrs Hunt