A festive feast followed by a very special visitor!

Over the last week all of the children in Pre-Prep have written a letter to Father Christmas. They thought carefully of examples of what they have done this year that would persuade him to put them on his ‘good’ list! These included doing their homework without fussing, setting the table, keeping their bedrooms clean and tidy and always doing as they were asked. I’m sure you can recognise your own sons in these examples! Many of the letters also included a question to Father Christmas such as: ‘How old are you?’, ‘Where do you go on holiday?’, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ along with the all-important gift list.

So it was very fortunate indeed, that in the midst of the activity of the Pre-Prep party on Tuesday afternoon, that the man himself paid us a visit! With much excitement each Year group crept into his makeshift grotto full of anticipation and awe. They not only got the chance to ask him the questions they had penned in person but were very lucky to receive an early Christmas gift. Christmas lunch, jazzy jumpers, a fun packed party and a visit from Father Christmas made for a very special day at St Edward’s.

Mrs Swift.