Oakwood Youth Challenge


The Year 5’s and 6’s spent a brilliant day at the Oakwood Youth Challenge Centre. The centre certainly lived up to its name as all the boys found themselves conquering challenges throughout the day. For some boys, it was conquering the High Ropes course (the highest I have ever seen) and for others it was the Olympic Standard Climbing Wall. Collaboration, team work, respect and tolerance were certainly the order of the day and the boys quickly learnt that it is sometimes the quieter friend amongst us who has the most creative idea. And so, learning to listen to others and respecting their ideas soon found a group of boys, working as a team to conquer the high ropes course, hit a bullseye or balancing on a mountain board. Once again, through conquering challenges and raising the level of their game, the boys came to realise that they are so much more than they thought and that working with commitment, cooperation, resilience, enthusiasm, respect and tolerance (and the successes thereof) they were inspired to support one another.

Mrs Andrew