Swimming returns to St Edward’s Prep

What a pleasure it was for our St Edward’s Prep pupils to get back to swimming again at school after nearly a year away from the pool.  Learning to swim is an important life skill and our pupils join our swimming programme as soon as they start in Reception. 

Through our special relationship with The Oratory Sports Centre, our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children swim every Wednesday morning for a 30 minute session per year group with our ASA qualified swimming instructors at the Oratory’s 25m swimming pool.

Once our pupils move in to the Prep school, the Year 3 and Year 4 children then swim for half a term each term on a Tuesday morning. 

By the time the majority of our pupils reach Year 3 they are confidently swimming 25m and more and have worked their way through the St Edward’s Prep Swimming Levels giving them the opportunity to move on to the official Swimming Teacher Awards (STA) earning badges and certificates. 

Furthermore many of our children will go on to swim competitively both at St Edward’s Prep and with swimming clubs in the local area.