STEAM WEEK – Peace & Justice

St Edward’s students have enjoyed a marvelous week launching our STEAM topics of Peace and Justice. We have had visitors from various fields coming to talk and inspire lots of minds. From all different angles our visitors explored Peace and Justice to get our students communicating, thinking critically, being creative and working together collaboratively.

Mrs Lawale came in to introduce the boys to the legal system and how justice works in the UK and the EU. In this excellent talk boys were introduced to the law and the importance of fair representation.

Cat Terrett came in from Ultra Electronics to discuss how engineers help the peace process and how Ultra Electronics design devices to detect mines and help clear the Ocean and keep ships safe. Responses from the boys were amazing, particularly reception who were enthralled by what the company did and asked some amazing questions all about underwater trenches. Cat then stayed on to work with Year 5 and 6 and set them the challenge to design their own underwater detection devices.

Brigadier Jon Swift from the British Army enthralled the boys with a terrific presentation on the 4 roles the British Army carries out. They all enjoyed a fun quiz on Army facts and on Army vehicles! Warriors, Foxhounds, ATVs, Challengers and more. The boys had so many fantastic questions!

Mrs Walia visited our Pre-Prep students and spoke to them about Chinese New Year and all its traditions. The boys loved seeing all the colourful lanterns, dragons and traditional costume. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Tuesday saw our guest author Tom Palmer visit for the day, the boys absolutely LOVED his quizzes, competitions and penalty shoot outs. The next day many students ran into school holding his book in the air and announcing how many pages they had read! How inspiring!

The Thames Valley Peace visited and boys began by brainstorming safe zones where children can go if they are in danger and the way in which uniforms help us to identify ‘safe strangers’ such as police officers, nurses, supermarket workers and bus drivers. The session finished with the children creating a finger print which they then turned into a keyring. Many of these are now hanging proudly on their St Edward’s backpacks.

With so much excitement over the week, it was a terrific way to end on a wonderful mindfulness talk and visit from Mrs Provino. Her meditation gong had our students mesmerised………. Students learnt how to express emotions in a variety of ways and how to recognise these different feelings. A truly holistic approach to the education of our students.

I think you’ll agree, it has been an engaging, educational, inspirational week for our boys. Thank you to all those who visited us and provided the St Edward’s family with such a collaborative effort to the boy’s educational journey.